About me

“Highly passionate and fast learner”
Position: 3D animator
Domain: Video game or film/TV industry
Status: Currently seeking work opportunities
“I graduated from the Institude of Internet and Multimedia (I.I.M.), at the Leonard da Vinci University (Paris, la Défense) in sept. 2010. I have obtained my Master’s degree in Multimedia Project Management, majoring in 3D.”

My work


Nicolas Lozac’h

French & Canadian citizenship

3D animator with team management skills and experience

2012 – 2013 : PRODIGY
2010 – 2011 : SENTINEL
2010 : AGOT
2009-2010 : MEETRO
2007-2008 : BLOOD BOWL
2007-2008 : SACRE RAOUL
2007-2008 : PROJECT IAIDO

Dec. 2012 – May 2013 : 3D animator
Prodigy – Official Site
Prodigy – Kickstarter


November 2010 – March 2011 : 3D modeler/animator

At a time when Earth’s resources would soon be depleted, Man turned his hopes towards a new horizon filled with riches and opportunities : space.

After generations of space colonization, it is on Mars that the first artifacts were found.
This new discovery brought technology to a whole new level and along with it, several men and women born with uncommum abilities.

But during his expansion, Man encountered another species.
This « civilization » didn’t seem to be ready to let Man take over the galaxy’s stars and resources.

Soon Man would pay for his arrogance and and face his first alien attack. A galactic war has exploded, bringing along with it the destruction of colonies and millions of deaths.

To fight this new enemy, Humanity has united itself under the same banner. Only Humanity’s best are sent to explore, fight and search for more artifacts.

Meanwhile, the aliens attempt to stop Humanity’s progression and counter attack with technology unknown to Man.

Greed, power, survival of your species… what will you fight for?
But most importantly, which side will you stand for ?


Febuary – August 2010 : Animator at Cyanide

In 2010, I returned to Cyanide for the last internship of my university course. I was asked to come back in order to assist the lead animator in in-game animations and real-time cinematics.

The in-game animations were mostly combat animations :
- dog attacks
- 1 handed weapons (sword, dagger, axe)
- 2 handed weapons (axe, warhammer, sword)
- weapon+shield
- weapons in both hands

My work also consisted in animating the characters’ cape and clothing.

About AGOT :

AGOT (A Game Of Thrones) is based on George R.R. Martin’s award-winning series of epic fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”, first published in 1996. Overall, the series has sold more than 3.5 million copies in the US and more than 7 million worldwide.

The video game is an action-RPG, in which the player would have to resolve murders and plots occurring in the kingdom of Westeros. The game is being currently developed for Xbox 360, PC and using the Unreal Engine 3.
official site


Sept 2009 – August 2010 : Co-creator & co-producer

Metroland (originally entitled “Meetro”) started out as a school assignment : create and develop an animated TV series, in a very short format (approximately 1min/episode).

It continued as a personnal project in wich I am co-creator and co-producer. My team and I are currently working on a new version of the concept. We were chosen, out of approximately 100 candidates, to be financially supported by the Beaumarchais association in order to continue developing this project, in the hope of one day selling/producing the series by a production/animation company.

BLOOD BOWL – the game

July – December 2008 : Animator at Cyanide

Cinematic and in-game character animation, managing out-sourced animation work.

My role :

After working for Cyanide throughout this school project, I was able to obtain an internship in Cyanide’s studio for the 4th year of my university course.

I worked as an animator on Blood Bowl, which was still in development. My work consisted in creating in-game character animations and modifying/correcting existing animations. During the end of my internship, I was put in charge of directing animation work outsourced in the Phillipines at Matahari Studios.

The game was released on PC, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and PSP.

BLOOD BOWL – the cinematics

September 2007 – June 2008 : partnership between Cyanide and IIM

Co-lead animator

About the partnership :

During my 2008-2009 school year, Cyanide and IIM (my school) agreed to collaborate together for Cyanide’s upcoming game « Blood Bowl ».

I was a 3rd year student at the time and was lucky to be part of the few students chosen to be part of team that would collaborate with Cyanide. Our objective was to animate four cinematics for the game. I am proud to say that these cinematics are now on the official site of the game.

(lien vers site Blood Bowl)


September 2007 – June 2008 : Animator

Animation for a short 3D film based on one of Jean de La Fontaine’s fables.

About « Sacré Raoul » :

« Sacré Raoul » is a children’s book about a yellow taxi cab, written by Marie-Ange Guillaume and illustrated by François Roca. The story is based on one of Jean de La Fontaine’s fables : the rabbit and the turtle.

We were asked to adapt the book into 3D short film to see if the story and characters could eventually be the first episode of a children’s animated TV series. Two things had to be respected : the author’s story and the illustrator’s design. The rest was up to us. It was a really interesting projet, I never thought that one day I would « give life » a car or a gas pump.


September 2007 – June 2008 : Project director

Japanese martial art tutorial video in 3D.

About the project :

This project was made to see what a martial arts tutorial video would look like in 3D and what advantages it would have compared to live-action videos.

After two previous failed attempts between 2005 and 2007 by other teams, I was put in charge of gathering up a new team and making sure the work would be done in time, while following the precise instructions given by the client (a IAIDO practitioner).

The result being a robot-like animation with no natural feel to it. This due to the fact that the client specifically asked us to not animate in a realistic way, but in a way that strictly corresponded to the IAIDO text book rules.

Personally, I didn’t fully agree on what we were asked to do, but the client was very happy with the result. I guess that what matters the most in the end.


September 2006 – June 2007 : Author & 3D artist/animator

3D breakdancing video.

How the project came to be :

Dancing has always been one of my passions. I actually was a breakdancer during high-school days. 3D being one of my recent passions, I’ve always wondered how I could combine the two of them together.

That’s when the idea of “Brand New Old School” came to me. It was also a good opportunity to start animating and improve my skills in animation, even though at the time I hated animating.

In the end, it turned out that animating was something that stuck to me. I have to admit I’m proud of this project for tow reasons :
• Being one of the few students to finish a personal project at the end of the school year
• Proving to myself and others that I’d be able to accomplish this project